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Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

One of the unfortunate realities about driving and owning cars in the Lowcountry is that you will probably have to deal with some form of body damage at some point. Whether your driver-side door gets dinged in a parking lot or you back into a light pole, accidents happen. The good news? Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration is here to help with all of your body shop needs.

Unlike many fly-by-night collision repair companies, our auto body shop in cityname, state has served hardworking people for years. We make it a point to only employ the most experienced, highly-trained auto body technicians available, so you have peace of mind that we'll get the job done right. In fact, our mechanics have more than 60 years of combined experience. There is no collision repair job that we haven't handled - from minor bumps and scratches to complex repairs stemming from multi-car accidents.

At Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality body shop services at the most reasonable prices in town. We believe that everyone deserves to have their car or truck repaired when they need it the most. After all, our vehicles are crucial to daily life. We need them to live, work and play. We use them for just about every activity we enjoy, from taking the kids to soccer practice to hitting the gym on a Saturday morning. That's why we work with just about every car insurance company out there to ensure that our loyal customers have access to the best collision repair in South Carolina.

Customers choose Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration because they know we strive to exceed their expectations. At the end of the day, we want to do right by our customers with reliable body shop services, high-quality repair work, and helpful customer service. But that's not all. Our clients enjoy peace of mind with their collision repairs because we:

auto body shop Services


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Provide Free Estimates: Drop by our shop or call our office to learn more about our free estimates. Once we understand the scope of your restoration needs, our team will get to work.

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Offer 100% Guarantee: We have become a staple in our community because we guarantee our work 100%. If we missed the mark, made a mistake, or you're unhappy with our service, let us know. We'll make it right.

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Specialize in Full-Service Repairs: Our collision mechanics make repairs on all vehicle makes and models, so you don't have to worry about whether we can service your car. As a full-service collision repair company in South Carolina, we help every step of the way, from the moment we meet until you leave our parking lot.

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Love to Paint: Yes, you read that right. At Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration, we have a team of incredibly talented car painters to supplement our collision services. We offer various auto painting services, from minor paint jobs to full-scale custom paint projects.

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Accept Car Insurance: As daily drivers and locals in South Carolina, we know that collision repairs can be pricey. Despite the cost, they are necessary for daily life. That's why we're happy to work with car insurance companies, so you can go where you need to go without stressing about safety.

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Work Hard for You: At Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration, we try to keep it simple. You can rest easy knowing that there's no fine print, sleazy sales tactics, or lazy mechanics to worry about. When you pull into our parking lot, know that we prioritize good old-fashioned hard work and reliable service. No if's, and's, or but's.

Your First Choice for Collision
Repair in Kiawah Island, SC

According to recent statistics from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, a new traffic accident happens every 3.7 minutes in South Carolina. That's a lot of car accidents in a short amount of time. Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, filled with complex insurance claims and complicated auto body repairs. At Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration, we know how stressful it can be to have your care restored to its pre-collision beauty. That's why we offer comprehensive, streamlined auto body services and unsurpassed car restoration quality.

With more than 60 years of combined body shop experience in South Carolina, our repair techs leave no stones unturned and never take shortcuts when repairing your vehicle. We're proud to say we only use the latest diagnostic techniques, equipment, and parts to get the job done right. That way, you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

A few of our most common auto body shop services include but are not limited to:

Frame Repair in Kiawah Island

Studies show that about 50 percent of vehicles suffer some kind of frame damage in a car collision. Frame damage can occur easily, even in common situations involving minor fender benders. Often, frame damage is difficult to see and can go unnoticed by insurance adjusters. The unfortunate truth is that even minor frame damage can put you, your family, your friends, and your car at risk when driving. When it goes unnoticed, it can often spell disaster for everyday drivers who might think their car is fine to drive.

When your car's frame is bent, your alignment is usually off, too, causing you to swerve and veer while driving. At best, this scenario results in unnecessary wear on your tires and, at worst, results in a car wreck. The bottom line? You need to get your car's frame inspected by a team of professional collision repair experts, even if you've only been involved in a minor accident.

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

At Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration, we take a comprehensive approach to frame repair and alignment. Our highly-trained frame repair technicians use a multi-point process to diagnose and correct your frame problems by:

  • Inspecting your car and its frame visually to discover any denting or bending.
  • Our alignment machine uses hydraulics and torque to strengthen your car's frame back to factory specs.
  • If our technicians spot damage, we'll begin the restoration process by placing your car on our frame alignment machine.
  • Once your frame is fixed, we'll answer any of your questions and will send you back on the road with a safe-to-drive vehicle.

Your First Choice for Collision Repair in Kiawah Island, SC

Chips and cracks are bad news for your car's windshield and don't just look bad - they can do serious damage when left unrepaired. Cracks and chips can quickly turn from a minor inconvenience to a safety hazard by impairing your vision. If your windshield crack is bad enough, you might even get pulled over by a police officer. Driving your vehicle with a large crack or even with an object embedded in it is a bad idea, but Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration is here to help.

Our windshield repair technicians have years of experience repairing car windows and windshields for many types of automobile glass, including side and rear windows. If you have been involved in a collision and need new glass, we can help facilitate that process and install a new windshield without you ever lifting a finger. New glass is usually needed with serious car wrecks, and it's always best to trust a professional auto body shop in cityname, state to get the job done. Our team uses the most modern glass and adhesives on the market, so you know your windshield and windows are high-quality and ready for the road.

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Whether you have a chipped windshield or need all-new glass for your car, we're here to serve you.
Out car windshield and glass repairs include:

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Door Glass

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Vent Glass

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Quarter Glass

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Back Glass

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Windshield Glass

Paintless Dent Removal in Kiawah Island

Any kind of item or stray piece of debris can dent your car. If you've been driving for at least a few years, chances are you've parked at a grocery store and, after shopping, returned to your car to see a big, unsightly dent. Whether they're due to inclement weather or rocks on the highway, dents cause noticeable damage that only gets worse with time. One of the most common dent repair solutions is paintless dent removal - a process that removes dents in your vehicle without removing any paint.

Paintless dent removal is great because it is not invasive and is a very efficient, cost-effective way to fix car dents before they get even worse. There are no fillers or sanding involved, making this option one of the quickest ways to remove dents. At Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration, our dent removal technicians use several tools to gently massage dents out of your car. When we're done, we'll smooth everything back into place, leaving your car looking like new.

To make matters even better, most paintless dent removal is supported by car insurance agencies, meaning you may not pay a cent out of pocket for our dent removal services.

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Classic Car Restoration
in Kiawah Island

At Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration, we are very passionate about classic car restoration and offer a wide range of restoration services in Kiawah Island. We understand that no two classic car restoration projects are the same, which is why we offer a wide variety of services. We're talking mechanical upgrades, partial restorations, and full car restoration projects. If you have a repair, upgrade, or restoration plan in mind, chances are we can help you achieve your goals.

After we perform an initial inspection and provide you with a detailed estimate on the scope of work needed to restore your car, our seasoned technicians will get to work on your project.

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Our full-scale classic car restoration process includes:

Auto Body Work Overhaul


Mechanical Repairs

Repair Interior

Custom Auto Body Painting in Kiawah Island

When was the last time you got compliments on your car's paint? If you loved your car's paint when it was brand new but hate what it looks like now, Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration can help you fall back in love with your vehicle. Whether your current paint job looks old and faded or you're craving a new color to show off, our paint technicians can deliver what you're looking for.

Between our advanced painting tools and uber-talented vehicle painting experts, our team can transform your car's aesthetic appeal, no matter the make and model. We can even fix dings and scratches in your paint while we're at it, so your car is shiny, smooth, and ready to turn heads.

We offer various auto painting services, from minor paint jobs to full-scale custom projects. We're happy to work with budgets of all sizes and can accommodate all of your painting needs, whether you want to paint a daily driver or a show car.

We recommend you call our office today, so we can get to know you a little better and understand what kind of paint job your car needs. We're happy to chat about cars and your paint job, even if you're just inquiring. After all, we're more than the best body shop in Kiawah Island - we're enthusiasts, too.

Auto Body Shop Kiawah Island, SC

Your First Choice for Collison
Repair in Kiawah Island, SC

If you're on the hunt for the highest-quality auto body repair services in South Carolina, backed by decades of experience, look no further than Lowcountry Paint Body & Restoration. We put our customer's needs first and strive to exceed expectations with every service we offer - all at a price you can afford. Swing by our body shop or contact our office today to discover why we're the Lowcountry's first choice in collision repair.

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Latest News in Kiawah Island, SC

7 Things to Do in Kiawah Island, South Carolina

It’s high time you added this Lowcountry destination to your beach bucket list.Follow winding, oak-shaded roads 25 miles southwest of downtown Charleston's cobblestone streets and celebrated restaurant scene, and you'll find yourself on Kiawah Island. Carved by the Kiawah River on one side and fronting the Atlantic Oc...

It’s high time you added this Lowcountry destination to your beach bucket list.

Follow winding, oak-shaded roads 25 miles southwest of downtown Charleston's cobblestone streets and celebrated restaurant scene, and you'll find yourself on Kiawah Island. Carved by the Kiawah River on one side and fronting the Atlantic Ocean on the other, the barrier island is a true escape. Here, nature reigns supreme: ten miles of beaches roll out along the Atlantic; cicadas form their own sort of soundtrack; and lights-out is often determined by the sea turtles' nesting season. Even so, there's plenty to do for travelers who like their time in nature punctuated with good food, luxurious creature comforts, and a frozen drink in hand. Here are seven things to do in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Stay Like a Local

For access to all of Kiawah's amenities, from bike rentals to pools, you'll have to stay on the island. For an experience that's luxurious but unpretentious, book a room at The Sanctuary, an oceanfront hotel known for its five-star service and elevated onsite dining. For families who want a little room to spread out (or a kitchen), villa and home rentals are a smart choice; reserve through the resort directly, or book through a site like VRBO or Airbnb.

Spend a Day on the Sand

On the west end of the island, Beachwalker Park is Kiawah's only public beach access feels like a hidden gem, thanks to its wide, unspoiled expanses of sand. It offers the best of both worlds too: in addition to the ocean frontage, you can also score views of the Kiawah River here.

Hit the Links

Five state-of-the-art golf courses are open to the public. For avid fans of the sport, the Ocean Course alone makes Kiawah worth the trip. Host to two PGA Championships, the 18-hole course is not for the faint of heart. Raised above the dunes to capitalize on the expansive shore views, golfers are also subjected to ocean breezes (which don't exactly make for an easy or predictable trip around the green). Try Cougar Point for marsh views and a slightly less technical experience.

Go for a Cruise

One of the best ways to explore the island is to leave the car in park and take a beach cruiser for a spin (you can reserve them through the resort or bring your own). Between 30 miles of paved trails and 10 miles of hard-packed beach, there's no shortage of routes to explore. Ask for directions to the Marsh View Tower, an observation deck primed for birdwatching and soaking in the marsh and river scenery.

Visit Heron Park Nature Center

The naturalists here will school you in many of the species who call the island home, from bobcats and white-tailed deer to loggerhead sea turtles and American alligators. Sign up for a guided tour, like "Back Island Birding", "Marsh Kayaking," or "Ocean Seining and Beach Combing," or ask for their recommendations for the best nature-spotting places in the area.

Explore Freshfields Village

Built around a lush lawn, Freshfields Village has plenty of restaurants and shops to explore, plus a boutique stay, the Andell Inn. Pick up a beach read at Indigo Books; snag treats for your four-legged friends at Dolitte's; and gear up for island adventures SeaCoast Sports and Outfitters. Start the morning with coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Java Java; settle in for grilled cheese and a milkshake at retro Vincent's Drugstore & Soda Fountain; or cap off the day with house-made frosé from newly opened The Co-Op. Check their calendar for seasonal events, like summertime's "Music on the Green" concert series and farmer's market.

Venture to Bohicket Marina & Market

Make the short drive to neighboring Seabrook Island for a taste of the area's salty maritime culture. Snag a umbrella-shaded table on the upper deck at Salty Dog Café for fresh catch, a cold beer, and riverfront views of the boats coming and going from the marina.

Biologists see record-breaking bird banding season on Kiawah Island

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) — Bird banding season just wrapped up for the fall on Kiawah Island. It was a record-breaking season with more than 5,700 birds banded.It’s a tedious process for one biologist on Kiawah Island, but worth the time as he works to learn more about the different kind of birds that migrate through the island.My photographer, Jason Tighe, and I got to tag along for a day to see the process. It was a cloudy morning as we drove to the western edge of Kiawah Island and then hiked through some mud t...

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) — Bird banding season just wrapped up for the fall on Kiawah Island. It was a record-breaking season with more than 5,700 birds banded.

It’s a tedious process for one biologist on Kiawah Island, but worth the time as he works to learn more about the different kind of birds that migrate through the island.

My photographer, Jason Tighe, and I got to tag along for a day to see the process. It was a cloudy morning as we drove to the western edge of Kiawah Island and then hiked through some mud to where they capture the birds.

“It’s a very fine mesh net, and up against a dark background the birds are moving from one patch of cover to the other, it’s very hard for them to see,” said Aaron Given, Kiawah Island biologist.

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They have 30 nets set up. Each bird captured is carefully put in a cloth bag and taken back to the bird banding station.

“There is a lot of work involved with this banding project, and this is just one site,” said Given. “We actually have another site at the other end of the island where we do the same thing with, so we have two of these going concurrently, and each year I hire between five and six seasonal helpers that they are out here with me every day.”

The same information is gathered at both stations: species, sex, weight and wing length. Some of the birds have already been banned, but if they aren’t, they get a shiny, new accessory.

“This is the band that goes on the bird’s leg. It’s got nine digits on it,” said Given. “This is a unique number for this bird. No other bird will have this number, so when we catch this bird again, we will be able to track its health and its movements.”

They can also monitor if the birds are putting on weight if they are recaptured.

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“If they are, that’s a positive thing for the habitat out here," Given said. That means there is enough food for them to continue their migration."

They captured 100 different species of birds this fall – everything from a screech owl to a snowy egret to a cardinal to a woodpecker, in addition to more common species.

“This is a ruby crowned kinglet, one of the smallest birds, that we capture here at the banding station,” Given said. “This is a bird that spends its winter here on Kiawah.”

“The yellow-rumped warbler is probably one of the more common songbirds in the Lowcountry during the wintertime, and the reason for that is because of all the wax myrtles that we have growing,” Given said. “They are one of the few species that can actually digest the waxy coating on the wax myrtle berry, so that allows them to eat those. That food resource allows them to spend the winter further north than most other warblers.”

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The long-term goal is to pick up on changes in the environment and see how the birds are responding to them. For now, lots of birds seem to enjoy coming to the island – even if it’s only a stop along their migration south.

“I think a lot of it has to do with the habitat that we have on Kiawah. We have a lot of natural habitat left of Kiawah even though there is development on the island,” Given said. “The way it was developed – it was done in a more environmentally sensitive way, so a lot of the lots that we have, they are cleared just the footprint for the home and all the natural vegetation is left intact so that creates and leaves these corridors for the wildlife to use and move through between the houses and between the dunes and between the homes and the marsh.”

For more from the Kiawah Island Bird Banding blog, click here.

A Tribute to PGA Past President Dick Smith Sr.

Dick Smith Sr., the 27th President of the PGA of America and one of the greatest players ever to hold the Association’s highest office, didn’t leave his competitiveness on the golf course.Smith transferred that tenacity into the boardroom and to his passion for programs that benefited aspiring PGA Professionals. As president, Smith created the modern approach to professional development and PGA Member education. During his time as an officer, PGA Membership nearly doubled.One of the most influential members of the P...

Dick Smith Sr., the 27th President of the PGA of America and one of the greatest players ever to hold the Association’s highest office, didn’t leave his competitiveness on the golf course.

Smith transferred that tenacity into the boardroom and to his passion for programs that benefited aspiring PGA Professionals. As president, Smith created the modern approach to professional development and PGA Member education. During his time as an officer, PGA Membership nearly doubled.

One of the most influential members of the Philadelphia PGA Section, Smith passed away March 8 in Voorhees, New Jersey, following complications from a stroke. He was 80.

“He was a grassroots golf professional,” said his son, Dick Smith Jr., the PGA Director of Golf at Kingwood (Texas) Country Club. “He truly cared about the PGA Member and the PGA of America. It wasn’t about him. It was about making the PGA and the PGA Member better for everyone that followed him.”

Smith competed in 13 major championships during his career, highlighted by a tie for 44th place at the 1970 U.S. Open and a 17th place showing at the 1992 Senior British Open.

“Dick had a great influence on our sport, both as a leader and a competitor,” said PGA President John Lindert, the PGA Director of Golf at the Country Club of Lansing in Michigan. “One of the finest playing presidents in our Association’s history, his service as PGA President from 1991-92 was extremely impactful on our membership, the game and the golf industry.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Smith family, including his wife Adrienne, daughter Stephanie, and son and Quarter Century PGA Member Dick Jr., along with his grandchildren Alexandria, Zakary and Marissa.”

From caddie to PGA President

Smith presided over a dynamic period in the PGA’s history, while realizing the need for ongoing planning to ensure the continued success of the Association.

“We need to have the ability to look forward and anticipate what our game and our business will be in five, 10, 20 years,” said Smith. “Once we identify that, we have to be ready to accept what’s necessary to achieve it.”

Born Richard Lie-Nielsen Smith, on June 16, 1942, in Akron, Ohio, he was 10 years old when he first started going to the golf course with his father, Robert. The youngster first picked up the game as a caddie, and soon learned to excel.

Smith captured the 1959 Maryland State Jaycee Championship at age 17. Three years later, he began working as an assistant professional at Green Valley Country Club in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.

Smith subsequently would hone his skills at Laurel Oak Country Club in Gibbsboro, New Jersey; Indian Spring Golf Club in Marlton, New Jersey; High Point Golf Club in Ivyland, Pennsylvania; Wedgwood Country Club in Turnersville New Jersey; Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Galloway (New Jersey) National Golf Club; the Williamstown (New Jersey) Golf Center; Bethpage (New York) State Park; Riverwinds Golf Club in West Deptford, New Jersey; and White Oaks in Newfield, New Jersey. Smith also founded The Golf Group, a golf course consulting firm in 2004.

From 2008 until his death, Smith served Valleybrook Country Club in Blackwood, New Jersey.

Smith attended Loyola College in Baltimore, turned professional in 1961, and was elected to PGA Membership in 1964. A dominant figure in the Philadelphia PGA Section, he competed in five PGA Championships, the 1970 U.S. Open, 1992 Senior British Open and 11 PGA Professional Championships. He was a five-time Philadelphia PGA Champion (matched only by Art Wall). Smith won over 25 championships during his playing career.

Smith caddied for his son in 2007, when Dick Jr. made his debut in the PGA Professional Championship in Sunriver, Oregon. When Smith earned a berth in two U.S. Senior Opens, both at Saucon Valley in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, his brother Tom caddied for him in 1992, while Dick Jr. had the bag in 2000.

“My dad was a great player in the Section, at the national level, and he sacrificed a very successful PGA Tour Champions career by devoting his time to the PGA of America,” said Smith Jr.

Smith Sr. demonstrated that his abilities were not limited to playing. He was elected Vice President of the Philadelphia PGA in 1975, and was President from 1978-80. In 1984, Smith was elected to the national PGA Board of Directors, followed by a run for national PGA Secretary . . . which he won.

“I felt I represented a point of view that was important,” said Smith. “I represented the view of the rank and file.”

Celebrating 75 years with an eye toward the future

That passion for the PGA Member was inspirational for one of his closest friends, former PGA President Jack Connelly of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, who met Smith when competing in Section events. In fact, Smith, Dick Hendrickson and Connelly were the “Big Three” of Philadelphia PGA Section golf.

Smith won six Section Player of the Year awards, Hendrickson five, and Connelly four.

“He’s one of those guys you trust and a forward thinker,” said Connelly. “He thinks before he talks. It’s like E.F. Hutton (the famed commercial): 'When Dick Smith talks, everybody listens.'

Standing 6-foot-5, Smith towered over most of his colleagues, and was elected PGA President in November 1990 as the PGA prepared to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 1991. His primary focus was on education, employment and public awareness.

Using the 75th anniversary as a launching pad, three major events catapulted the PGA to the forefront. First, Jack Nicklaus captured the 1991 Senior PGA Championship on PGA National Golf Club’s Champion Course, which he had just redesigned near his home in South Florida. Smith presented the Alfred Bourne Trophy to Nicklaus for his wire-to-wire, six-stroke victory on national television.

A few months later in August, John Daly, a little-known 26-year-old from Arkansas, drove all night to enter the 1991 PGA Championship as the ninth alternate at Crooked Stick Golf Club, then stormed to victory in one of the greatest Walter Mitty tales in sports history.

“I just remember John walking up the 18th fairway as we were standing back by the hole, and he’s pumping up the crowd because he was a crowd pleaser,” said Smith years later. “He loved the crowd.” With extended television coverage on all four days of the event, the PGA Championship took on an exciting new identity with Daly’s victory.

The following month, the United States won the Ryder Cup on The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island in South Carolina. The classic seesaw battle came down to the last putt on the last hole in the last match. Smith was alongside the 18th green with Captain Dave Stockton and the U.S. Team.

“The players were sitting in front of me, so I couldn’t see the final putt,” said Smith. “All I heard was the crowd. As the crowd roared, I stood up and saw the ball still sitting there, so I knew what had happened.” European stalwart Bernhard Langer missed a six-foot putt that would have won the Ryder Cup for Europe. As a result, the Langer vs. Hale Irwin match was halved, and the United States won for the first time since 1983.

By the end of the year, a revised PGA Grand Slam of Golf — featuring a $1 million purse for the winners of golf’s four major championships — was broadcast in primetime television from Hawaii and provided another promotional opportunity.

Those electrifying golf events of 1991, coupled with a new national promotional campaign, provided the PGA with the positive exposure it needed to communicate its message to the masses. Revised television contracts that included expanded broadcast distribution to more than 100 countries ensured a global reach for PGA messages.

Modernizing PGA Education

PGA “Business Schools” had been in place for almost 30 years when the PGA moved to modernize apprentice education.

“The PGA Education Program needs to be upgraded to reflect the needs of today’s industry,” wrote Smith, an advocate of PGA Professional certification.

Smith and the PGA Board engaged SRI International, a Stanford, California, educational firm, to review and assess how the PGA was educating prospective PGA Members. The result of this appraisal was the creation of the PGA Golf Professional Training Program (GPTP). This new program would introduce the golf industry to a new breed of PGA Professionals well-trained in all aspects of the game.

Smith believed that education was the key to employment. It was especially challenging as the PGA was experiencing an unprecedented growth phase to keep up with industry demand.

“When I became an officer, we had 12,000 to 13,000 Members and Apprentices,” recalled Smith. “When I went out as PGA President, we had 24,000.”

The PGA then embarked on creating a new program, PGA Career Services, which would enable PGA Professionals to help find meaningful employment, while providing to employers qualified candidates.

In 1991, the PGA reached another milestone with its 20,000th Member, which would test the consensus-building skills of PGA leaders.

“We need to listen to each other,” said Smith. “We need to have compassion for someone else’s point of view because that point of view is based on input from other members of our Association. The people in the east can’t forget that the Association also includes people in the west. And the people in the north have to understand the needs, problems and desires of the people in the south.”

Before the year was out, Smith would invite the first African-American and first woman to join the PGA Advisory Committee, which helped provide guidance to the rapidly growing organization.

When Smith was the PGA Director of Golf at Bethpage's famed Black Course, he became “graphic designer” when it was becoming crunch time and a logo was needed for the 2002 U.S. Open.

“My father told me he pulled up to his parking spot and looked at the shutters on the clubhouse,” said Smith Jr. “He said, ‘I’ve just figured it out.’ He pulled that caddie boy image off and got it in front of the art people. He said that they should add the five colors of the courses at Bethpage. It was approved and it became the U.S. Open logo.”

Smith Sr., who was a 1992 inductee of the Philadelphia PGA Hall of Fame and a 2005 PGA Hall of Famer, shares a rare Association honor of service with his son in the Philadelphia PGA Section. Dick Sr. was Section President from 1978-80, and Dick Jr. from 2006-07.

“I will always remember him spending five days with me at the PGA Professional Championship in Sunriver, Oregon,” said Smith Jr. “I missed the cut, but that was fine. I spent five days there with him on my bag, and I wouldn’t have traded that for anything in the world.”

Positive trends among bobcat population on Kiawah Island

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) — This week it’s all about the bobcats on Kiawah Island. It’s a chance to celebrate the species by holding several educational events open to the public, with plenty to celebrate as there have been recent positive trends for the bobcat population.A 100% survival rate this year and catching bobcats more easily are pros for the Bobcat Guardian Program on Kiawah Island.It began two years ago when town biologists discovered that rodenticides being used on the island negatively affected t...

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) — This week it’s all about the bobcats on Kiawah Island. It’s a chance to celebrate the species by holding several educational events open to the public, with plenty to celebrate as there have been recent positive trends for the bobcat population.

A 100% survival rate this year and catching bobcats more easily are pros for the Bobcat Guardian Program on Kiawah Island.

It began two years ago when town biologists discovered that rodenticides being used on the island negatively affected the animals.

“We came up with a strategy to address that issue, and that was to have folks voluntarily stop using these products on the island,” said Jim Jordan, wildlife biologist on Kiawah Island.

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“They were fairly widespread used all across the island, so that first save Kiawah Island bobcats week kicked off our guardian program. Which was just a voluntary pledge that residents, businesses, entities...everyone on the island could take not to use these second-generation products.”

These products, known as anticoagulant rodenticides, control rat and mouse populations and are likely to move up the food chain.

More than half of the companies pledged to switch to other products since they have a large footprint on the island. Jordan said it made a huge difference overnight and among more than just the bobcats.

“We test raccoons, possums, alligators, birds of preyany animals we get our hands on, we take a sample and send that off,” said Jordan. “In those animals, pretty much across the board, we are seeing lower concentrations of SGAs, which is obviously a positive trend.”

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But Jordan realizes that the SGA issue isn’t just on Kiawah. The bobcats have been tracked on Seabrook Island as well as Johns Island.

“It was eye-opening when we figured out this was the issue,” said Jordan. “Once we started looking into it, it’s like look how prevalent this is here at Kiawah and certainly just as prevalent in about every community in SC, but no one is looking at it.”

That’s where Meaghan Keating, a Ph.D. student at Clemson University, comes in.

“I’m trying to dig in and understand how these bobcats are responding to SGAs and human development and try to understand future directions for the population and what the town can do to try to mitigate some of those threats,” said Meghan Keating, Clemson University Ph.D. student.

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Part of the process is tracking the bobcats every year.

“The GPS tracking collars take 5 points a day, and it shifts throughout the day so that they are getting different times, and every night it connects to the Iridium satellite and sends us those points on the web,” said Keating.

This year, there has been plenty to track, as all six bobcats are still alive and well. “We have got six different bobcats with working collars right now, so each color is an individual bobcat,” said Jordan.

Keating will continue her fieldwork until 2024 and hopes these positive trends will continue. She estimates that the number of bobcats on the island is probably in the 20s. Historically, there are usually 30 to 35, so the number has increased since the decline in 2017.

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Seabrook Island has its own Bobcat Guardian Program, which has also been very successful. Beyond the islands, no other programs are in place across the state.

If you are interested in learning more about this issue or bobcats, the last event of Save the Bobcats week is an hour-long walk to discuss bobcat habitat, livability, and how the community can support the town.

Visit the Town of Kiawah Island's website for more information about bobcats.

How to Spend 48 Hours on Kiawah Island, SC

From renowned tennis and golf facilities to miles of breathtaking beaches, there's so much to see and do on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Here's your guide to experiencing it all.Share with your friends!210Facebook...

From renowned tennis and golf facilities to miles of breathtaking beaches, there's so much to see and do on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Here's your guide to experiencing it all.

Share with your friends!



Kiawah Island is an upscale destination in South Carolina’s Lowcountry known for its beautiful scenery and residences, and its wide variety of family-friendly activities. Here, we’re sharing our experience with a destination within the destination — the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, it’s famous for its golf courses, but there’s so much more to it than that! For some, the draw might be miles of expansive beachfront to explore or quiet marshlands to discover by kayak. Some might prefer to dedicate the weekend to indulging in local food and drink, while others may stick to the area’s renowned tennis or golf facilities, where it’s exciting to play on the same turf as the pros. Here’s a weekend itinerary that allows you to take advantage of it all.

We are grateful to all our sponsors:

The resort is 33 miles from the Charleston airport and less than that from the historic area of town, so Kiawah’s location makes for a great way to experience relaxing beach time in conjunction with all the charms of Charleston. Kiawah accommodations include the luxurious Sanctuary Hotel, with its 255 rooms on the ocean, and a variety of villas spread out over the property under picturesque live oak trees. You can also rent one of the larger private homes and still enjoy resort privileges by going through Kiawah’s website. Check-in time is mid-afternoon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there earlier and start exploring.

SB Note: As with many resorts, making reservations well ahead of time for meals and activities is highly recommended.

All 255 rooms at Kiawah’s luxury hotel, The Sanctuary, come with balconies and upscale amenities: Italian linen sheets, a deep soaking tub, and plush robes in the closet. Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Sanctuary opened in 2004, and the idea was for it to feel like a grand, historic seaside mansion. With that in mind, the furnishings are elegant but not over the top. The expansive lobby offers plenty of places to sit, and almost all rooms possess a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Head to one of the bicycle rentals (one at The Sanctuary and another at West Beach Pool Shop), where you can secure a bike — there are plenty of options, including an adult tricycle or bicycle for two — then grab a map and start exploring! Kiawah excels at its easy-to-follow bike paths, and you’ll find 30 miles of trails that wind through wooded areas, over bridges, through neighborhoods, and along golf courses. You’ll likely spot signs pointing to beach access and, by all means, head that way. Kiawah’s vast shoreline is perfect for long walks, but bike-riding on the beach is a big thing here, too!

As beach-goers ponder the pros and cons of the Gulf Coast versus the East Coast, consider this: the firmly packed sand at Kiawah is ideal for bike-riding by the ocean, with plenty of space to avoid running into people. Bikes are easy to rent at Kiawah, and getting around the resort is a breeze with 30 miles of dedicated bike trails (plus the beach). Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Golf courses and bike trails at Kiawah are surrounded by lush, almost other-worldly landscaping, such as this hole on the Cougar Point Course along the marshlands. Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort/O’Brien

Lowcountry cuisine is the theme at Jasmine Porch, a restaurant at The Sanctuary. It’s a great choice for breakfast, but it’s also a relaxed, delicious option for dinner. Consistent with the hotel’s decor, brick walls and oak floors bring in a bit of Charleston charm, and there are patio tables if the weather cooperates. The restaurant menu boasts fresh-caught choices, but when in doubt, go with the specialty here: shrimp and grits.

On day two of your expedition, get up close and personal with Kiawah’s natural beauty in a kayak. The scenic Mingo Point offers guided and self-guided kayaks through the marshes, where you can observe abundant birdlife and maybe even a dolphin. Kiawah’s Night Heron Nature Center is a big hit with children, but all ages can learn from its displays and educational materials.

Natural beauty is abundant at Kiawah, and the resort loves to help guests get up close and personal with its naturalist programs. Here, a bird-watching naturalist brings his scope and binoculars to view the dozens of bird species on the island. Image: Lisa Mowry

We are grateful to all our sponsors:

There are two ways to get around the resort other than a car: the aforementioned bicycles and a continuously running shuttle. One way or another, get yourself over to Tomasso at Turtle Point for lunch with an Italian flair. Hand-tossed pizzas and artisan salads are one way to go, but there’s heartier fare, too, such as meatball subs and short-rib grilled cheese.

Next, relax by the pool or splurge on a spa treatment — both excellent ways to spend an afternoon. The Spa at The Sanctuary is one of the reasons the resort received a five-star Forbes rating, so you’ll want to try it out! The spa’s spacious layout includes multiple relaxation rooms, a whirlpool/sauna/steam room, and thoughtful refreshments. In other words, arrive early for your massage or facial treatment to enjoy the whole luxurious experience.

Receiving a treatment at The Spa at The Sanctuary is a well-earned splurge. Make sure to get there early to enjoy a soak in the whirlpool or relax in one of the lounges. Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Sanctuary’s U-shaped building offers a large lawn with plenty of places to sit and be mesmerized by the ocean. Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Whether or not you’re a golf enthusiast, head over to the famed Ocean Course, the #4 public golf course in the U.S. Even non-golfers will swoon over the rugged, breezy landscape, which is often compared to locations in Scotland and Ireland. And even without a round on the coveted course, visitors can access the clubhouse, including a pro shop and dining area. Grab a drink at the Ryder Cup Bar, with its gorgeous views of the course and ocean. The Atlantic Room next door has a similar ocean setting with signature seafood selections for dinner. All the appetizers look terrific, but don’t miss the crispy shrimp starter with sweet chili sauce — They apparently removed it from the menu one day and received so many complaints that it was back 24 hours later! The Country Captain seafood stew is also well-known, and you can’t go wrong with a catch of the day prepared with seasonal vegetables.

The Ryder Cup Bar, also at the Ocean Course, is a pub-type spot for lunch or a drink. Image: Lisa Mowry

Restaurants are strategically located around the resort, but be sure to visit one of the spots at the Ocean Course (home to all of the significant PGA championships) to feast your eyes on the gorgeous view. The Atlantic Room at the Ocean Course is open nightly for dinner, and you can’t go wrong with the fresh-caught seafood. Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Atlantic Room’s Seafood Stew is one of the most popular items on the menu, with its array of ocean delights: fresh-caught shrimp, clams, crabs, and Carolina Gold Rice in a special broth. Image: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

We are grateful to all our sponsors:

If you can spare another day of activities before heading home, start the morning of day three with Yoga on the Beach. Then choose from any number of adventures such as fishing expeditions, tennis lessons, mosaics, or a photography cruise. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with sitting on the beach, watching the shorebirds do their thing, and dreaming of your next trip to Kiawah. After all, it’s known for its repeat visitors!

For more information on Kiawah Island Golf Resort, head to


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